Rats and mice are remarkably well-adapted for living in close association with humans. Three common species of rodents are the Norway rat, roof rat and house mouse. Rodents damage doors, walls, insulation, and other structural components by gnawing and burrowing. They also gnaw through utility pipes and electrical wiring. Rats and mice can also transmit disease, most notably salmonellosis (food poisoning) when food is contaminated by infected rodents feces. Only with proper monitoring and site assessment can we work together to control this pest.

Ipestokil offers solutions such as trapping, baiting and proofing of entry points. Give us a call now if your homes or business are affected by rodents and we will be there to access your situation and provide you with the best possible methods to minimize your worries.

Treatment Procedure

  • Inspection done to determined level of activities and harborages areas

  • Treatment methods will be implemented based on situations

  • Proofing of entry points

  • Rodent baits will be placed at burrows

  • Trapping by placing glueboards, tempered box stations or cages

  • Follow up session to keep rodent under control

Rodent Droppings and Entry Point

Rodent trap on gluboard

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